Vision board 2021

I don’t know if it works or not but if it doesn’t I have nothing to lose.

I just did my vision board for 2021. I don’t know the rules and too lazy to google. So I printed pictures and glued them on a board and then praying to God and hoping for dear life and wishing on a star that it all comes to life.

….. I interrupt this regular programming to give you breaking new!!!….

SO …. ( frantic breathing….) My… him, I can’t even remember his fake name, ‘my husband’ ‘the unicorn-man’… Him, the sweet nothings man, He called me!!! Second time in his life, lol, to ask me to meet him outside my work parking because he brought me my birthday gift. This is all so shocking, if you aren’t moved, read back a little, you’ll understand. We finally met, he is totally datable… I’ll do a proper post about all this.
***End of breaking news***

Back to the board, I wonder if it’s the board already working its magic because I put up a picture of a happy couple, An engagement ring, a wedding, a baby bump….. I always say I do not want to get married but secretly I do. So it’s on the board! Damn it’s fast, I love it. High up is a qoute saying “I am a child of GOD” because I need to fix that relationship. I have a picture of a mansion, Range Rover, LOTS of money, basically things that bring about a soft life…. I want and deserve that in my life…. There is a fit bod! There is a family vacation, I need to fly my dad somewhere, he has never been on a plane, either have I by the way.

A vision board comes recommend, no harm in trying!

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6 thoughts on “Vision board 2021

  1. I’ve never dine a vision board but I know lots of people who do them! Good luck with yours 😃 I fixed my relationship with God in the spring. Probably the best and worst time to do it since so many of my vices and habitual sins were free to happen during our first lockdown LOL but also some were cut off since we weren’t allowed out of our house. Best of luck with all your hopes and wishes for 2021!!

  2. I’m stoked for you, truly! Just remember your boundaries and your expectations. Don’t lower them for the imaginary version you have made up of him unless he is investing in you. And I have never done a vision board but this sounds like an awesome idea, I’m on it!

  3. […] Larney, from Rhoolarney, posted about her vision board for 2021, and I know Janet from Janet Smiles will probably be […]

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